IED Sim, Pipebomb Set w/ Magnets, Tripwire (12g C02)

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SIMULATOR,EXPLOSIVE BOOBY TRAP. Two tripwire bombs in a magnetic caddy permits mounting on any metallic surface.
• Either device may be initiated by push or pull
• Hair pin trigger allows less than 0.5 lb to initiate
• Setup in less than 1 minute
• 100% Non-pyrotechnic, mechanically operated 
 • Material: Anodized Aluminium (Green), Stainless Steel
• Consumes one (1) 12g, disposable CO2 Cartridge per activation and one (1) burst disk


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Single, IED Sim, Pipebomb Set w/ Magnetic Caddy, Tripwire

NSN: 1370-20-007-4603

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QTY 2- Tripwire Initiated Pipebomb, Green, 12g C02
QTY 2- Supplies, Pin, Push-Lock Type, Safety Pin
QTY 2- Supplies, Pin, Tapered Type, Hair Trigger