Kit, Drop-Fired Mortar Sim, 81mm

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Advanced OPFOR Threat simulator for detection/reaction in conventional or asymmetrical operating environments.

Complete field kit with launch tube and drop-fired rounds. Replicates form and function of enemy weapon effects. Safely generates haptic weapon effects (Smoke, Bang). Models available with Flash (light) effects for nighttime training. Includes: eight (8) reusable mortar sim rounds and launch tube

  • 100% Non-Pyro, Compressed Air 12G C02 Platform
  • Consumes one (1) 12g, disposable CO2 Cartridge per activation (shot).
  • Environmentally safe.
  • No special transport or disposal requirements.
  • Durable, rugged design. Aluminium construction.
  • No batteries required
  • Includes transport case with custom foam cut out

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Kit, Drop-Fired Mortar Sim, 81mm

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QTY 1- Drop-Fire Launch Tube
QTY 8- Mortar Round (12g C02), Simulator, Drop Fired
QTY 2- Consumable, FX Smoke Powder, White, (22oz)
QTY 2- Consumable,12G C02 Cartridge, Disposable (Box of 25)
QTY 2- Consumable, Burst Disk, Thermoplastic (Black) (Bag of 50)
QTY 1- Custom Transport Case