Kit, M67 Grenade Sim (Refillable) (Gen 2)

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100% Non-pyrotechnic, mechanically operated Grenade Simulator. Our reusable, realistic design operates using High Pressure Air and a MIL-SIM-FX burst disc.  Safely generates audio/visual cue upon detonation.

Complete field kit contains six (6) GRD Simulators, HPA Refill/Recharge Cylinder and Tool, plus consumables. 


QTY 6- M67 Frag Grenade Sim, Steel, High Impact Plastic. Blue. (Refillable HPA)
QTY 1- Tool, Powder Fill Nozzle
QTY 1- Consumable, FX Smoke Powder, White, (22oz)
QTY 1- Consumable, Burst Disk, Thermoplastic (Black) (Bag of 50)
QTY 1- Tools, Quick Fill Trigger w/GRD Fill Adapter
QTY 1- Tools, Hose Assembly, Fill Station Adapter
QTY 50- Supplies, M67 Spring Handle Lever
QTY 50- Supplies, Pull Pin for Grenade
QTY 1- HPA Cylinder, 35 CU INCH, w/ Regulator
QTY 1- Custom Transit case w/ Foam Insert