Kit, Suicide Vest Sim (12g C02)

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IED, Suicide Vest (12g C02). Complete Field Kit, with custom transport case. 


QTY 1- Suicide Vest Simulator w/ 4 Tubes (12g Device)
QTY 1- Trigger, Command Detonator (12g Device)
QTY 1- IED Sim Trigger, Multi-function  (12g Device)
QTY 1- Supplies, Tripwire (6 ft)
QTY 1- Spares, Ground Stake, 6 "
QTY 1- Tool, Airline Clippers
QTY 1- Supplies, Airline (100ft) (Green)
QTY 1- Tool, Powder Fill Nozzle
QTY 1- Consumables, 12g C02 (Box of 25)
QTY 1- Consumables, Burst Disk (Bag of 250)
QTY 1- Supplies, FX Powder (22 oz)
QTY 1- Custom Transport Case