Course- OPFOR Anti-Tank Sim, Basic Operator - ENGLISH

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OPFOR Anti-Tank Sim, Basic Operator Course

This beginner course will teach setup, employment, and troubleshooting for OPFOR Anti-Tank Sim devices.

Applies to the following Simulation Equipment:

  • RPG-7 Simulator w/ RNC 50mm(Refillable HPA)
  • RPG-7 Simulator w/ RNC 50mm (12g C02)
  • Reuseable Non-Pyro Cartridge (RNC) 50mm
  • Quad Quickfill Station (Air Compressor)
  • Tools, Consumables

Type: New Equipment Training (NET), Safety Training
Platform: OPFOR Anti-Tank, Non-Pyro
Format: Classroom, Hands-On
Certificate Provided? Yes

Location: MIL-SIM-FX International
Duration: 4 hours

Min Class Size: 1 person
Max Class Size: 6 people